Important: Bulletin/ Federal Law of Transparency and Access to Public Information


On May 9, 2016, the Mexican Federal Government published in the  Official Gazette of the Federation, the Decree that repeals  the Federal Law of Transparency and Access to Public  Government Information and issues the Federal Law of Transparency and Access to Public Information, which among other matters deals with the following:

  • Provides all that is necessary for all applicants to have access to the information through simple and expeditious procedures;
  • Public administration transparency by disseminating timely, verifiable, understandable, relevant and comprehensive information;
  • Promotes accountability to citizens, so that they can assess the performance of those held accountable;
  • Regulates the legal remedies to be resolved by the corresponding authority within its jurisdiction;
  • Strengthens public scrutiny on the substantive activities of those that are accountable;
  • Promote citizen participation in public decision-making, in order to contribute to the consolidation of democracy, and
  • Promote and foster a culture of transparency and access of public information.

The provisions of the abovementioned decree will be in effect as of May 10, 2016.

For further reference please go to to view the Spanish version of said decree.




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